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Unleashing Your Inner Psychic

Have you ever felt something was wrong and later found out a friend was in an accident? Or sense something was going to happen and then it does? Do you ever wonder how you knew those things? Or wonder if you’re psychic? The truth is we’re all psychic on some level. In my book, Quantum Love, I talk about how the human brain takes in 40 billion bits of information every millisecond. And most of us only consciously process 2000 of those 40 billion bits. And when those unexplained moments of ‘just knowing’ something happen, you’re actually consciously processing more than those 2000 bits and tapping into your psychic ability.  A psychic skill is the ability to process sensory data, that’s both tangible as well as intangible on a deep level. Many psychics are born with that ability and consciously process it more easily than the rest of us. 

There’s another group of psychics who developed that hyperawareness early in life out of their need to survive difficult or dangerous circumstances. In my ebook, You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Ascending, I write about my friend, Robert Ohotto, who’s also a well known psychic and intuitive.  He has shared openly that his psychic abilities developed because he was raised in an abusive household. So, when he was a child, he often needed to know whether it was safe to go inside his house or whether his mother was in a substance induced rage and he should ride around the neighborhood on his bike for a while. It’s not like he consciously decided, as a five year old, that he better develop that ability, he just started activating his more vigilant abilities and intuition out of a pure need for survival. And that ability to process both tangible and intangible sensory data on a deep level ended up being a gift that he has used his entire life.

​​Psychic ability falls under four key areas called the ‘Four Clairs’ that define how you take in information. Many people have experienced one or more of these types of psychic instances, but aren’t aware they are tapping into their intuitive ability:

Clairvoyance (seeing)

Clairvoyance is the ability to see images in your mind. Sometimes people will see short movies or visions of the future or flashes of pictures alerting them to what is going to happen. Mediums often see people that have passed away, or spirits. When I first meet my clients, I can often see images of them as children, or the age they were when they experienced trauma, and I’ll know what happened to them before they tell me and around what point in their life it happened.   

Clairsentience (feeling)

Clairsentience is a feeling like chills, fear, queasiness, excitement. It can also be feeling a change in room temperature. It’s really any physical sensation that’s trying to tell you something. Some people feel other people’s emotions, or energy. For example, if I feel tightness in my throat, I know a person may feel silenced or like they aren’t being heard in their relationship.

Claircognizance (knowing)

Claircognizance is when you just suddenly “know”. It’s a strong gut feeling of clarity and calmness and you know what to do. Or you get a strong sense about someone or a situation and you know to steer clear. 


Clairaudience is the ability to hear words or messages from the other side. People describe it as a calm and steady voice in your head that gives you direction or helps guide you in the right direction. Psychics who are giving readings to their clients will often hear messages from loved ones who have passed away that have something they want to share.

Most of us can remember experiencing one or more of the “Four Clairs” as children, but most of us get conditioned to suppress them because we get teased, we’re told our imaginary friends aren’t real or our families get scared of the things we share. But we can reconnect with those abilities any time through some simple exercises. 

Here are some ways to start accessing and unleash your inner psychic:

Cultivate a daily practice of grounding yourself

Our psychic abilities are internally processed and our body is our antenna and our translator.  So, if we’re really busy running around, constantly scrolling through social media or texting friends, we’re focused on external stimuli and drowning out our psychic abilities. We need to take time to get quiet, to clear the mind, to use our breath to ground into our bodies. 

Psychic abilities are not found through going up into the higher realms. So the more in our body, and the more we are grounded in our bodies, the more we’re able to access those other realms and really get in touch with our own feelings and attune to our intuition. Start by taking five minutes each day to ground yourself using this meditation to help you get quiet and tune into your intuition and psychic abilities. 

Create Cues for your Psychic Abilities 

For this exercise, first, you need to identify what anger, sadness, fear and joy feel like physically in your body. Then, assign a color for your different emotional states. So maybe pink is when you’re feeling loving and emotionally connected. And yellow is when you’re feeling anxious. You’ll notice when you fuse the color with the energy of your emotions, your brain starts to make that connection. For example, when you see pink around your coworker or somebody on the bus, you now are starting to connect that loving feeling with the color and cueing your psychic abilities.  You trigger your brain to say: I’m seeing pink. So that means there’s something going on in that person’s love life or in their emotional heart centered connection.

Call In your Psychic Abilities 

Another way to access your psychic abilities is to literally call them in while you sleep. When we are in our sleep states, we’re much more relaxed and open and we often get messages in our dreams. Before you go to sleep, you can ask questions or ask for guidance. You’ll be surprised at the answers you’ll get while you’re sleeping. 

As you practice the above, they will become part of your daily routine and you’ll begin to trust your intuition and psychic abilities and they will become stronger. To learn more about your intuition, energy and psychic abilities read my ebook You’re Not Crazy, You’re just Ascending.
Most importantly: Listen to my latest podcast. In this week’s episode of  “The Language of Love Conversation”, where I talk with world renowned psychic, Thomas John, about how he developed his own psychic abilities.


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