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1.       When your partner comes home in a bad mood, you:

a.       Can feel it even before (s)he walks through the door

b.       Notice something is off when (s)he neglects to give you a kiss and a smile

c.       Suspect something is off an hour later when (s)he is short with you for no apparent reason 

d.       Have no clue until s(he) finally breaks down and vents about their bad day

2.       You are in the middle of an intimate love-making session with your partner. You are probably thinking about:

a.       Whether or not it feels good for your partner and how you can make it even better

b.       How good you are making each other feel and how happy you are in this moment

c.       Your orgasm, but also whether you remembered to unplug the iron in the next room

d.       Your partner’s lack of romance and why s(he) can’t make you feel as excited as in the early days of your relationship

3.       You are enjoying dinner with friends on a double date, when your partner suddenly seems too get quiet and distant. You:

a.       Wonder what you did wrong and how you can fix it immediately

b.       Suspect it could be because (s)he’s tired and overwhelmed by all the socializing you have been doing lately

c.       Ask your partner “What’s wrong?” and tell them to order a coffee and perk up

d.       Feel slightly irritated that s(he) is not being as talkative and humorous as your BFF’s partner  

4.       It is dinner time. You are deciding what to have to eat, and in considering what your partner might want, you:

a.       Know your partner would prefer Thai, so you order it for both of you, even though it’s not your favorite

b.       Remember that you were both recently talking about how you were craving fish, so you decide to make a special seafood dinner

c.        Text your partner “What do you want for dinner? I’m hungry!”

d.       Decide to order pizza, even though your partner is trying to watch their weight

5.       It’s your partner’s birthday. When it comes to gift-giving, you:

a.       Spend days stressing over getting the perfect gift, and then feel a little let-down when your partner doesn’t seem thrilled as you hoped after all that effort and time you put in

b.       Ponder for a few moments, then come up with a creative idea that you know your partner will enjoy

c.       Look on Amazon and pick a few things…it’s more $$$ than you wanted to spend, but hey, maybe your partner will return the favor on your b-day

d.       Feel frustrated and resentful that your partner just won’t TELL you what they want…you’re not a mind-reader.

6.        Your partner has been melancholy and isolated lately. You:

a.       Become obsessed with the thought that your partner doesn’t love you anymore

b.       Notice it’s the anniversary of your partner’s father death, and you focus on being extra loving and attentive until your partner is ready to talk about their grief

c.       Ask “What’s up, hon? You’re being weird lately.”

d.       Ignore your partner and start acting distant and cold…two can play this game.

7.       You’re at a holiday party with your partner’s family. Your mother-in-law makes a disparaging remark to your partner. You:

a.       Instantly feel and imagine your partner’s pain, not only in that present moment, but also your partner’s past trauma from years of such remarks and treatment from their mother

b.       Disagree with your MIL, and then find your partner later to give them a hug and reassuring words.

c.       Cringe inwardly but stay quiet. Your partner needs to learn how to handle their own issues.

d.       Groan “Oh, here we go again” and leave the room in annoyance. She’s too much to handle!

If you answered mostly A’s, then you are a highly intuitive person. You might even be what is known as an empath, which is a person with an almost superhuman ability to feel and perceive what others (especially their loved ones) are feeling. However, empaths can become codependent or ‘overattuned,’ in which they are unable to be present and hold their own emotional core due to being so plugged into everyone else around them. It might be hard for you to keep your center and hold your own internal space if you are constantly trying to decipher how your partner is feeling. Your intuition is a gift, but you need to rule your intuition, rather than allowing it to rule you.

If you answered mostly B’s, congratulations, you are very tuned into your intuition! Most importantly, you are also able to maintain your own boundaries and practice good self-care, even while you are able to tune into your partner’s emotional world. Keep up the good work, you intuitive little magician you!

If you answered mostly C’s, your intuitive powers are being overshadowed by your fears and anxieties, particularly your worries about what other people might think about you. When you are ruled by fear and in a constant state of comparison and harsh self-judgment, you are really going to struggle to tune into your intuition. Intuition flows freely when we are in a place of love and surrender, not when we are tightly holding onto our fears about what could go wrong.

If you answered mostly D’s, then your intuition is on “E.” Right now, you are viewing your partner as a combatant and the world as a dangerous and unpleasant place, a place full of scarcity and meanness. Ironically, this very viewpoint will likely only draw more of these unhappy experiences into your world, as your energy will be dark and distrusting rather than open and loving. If you want to tap into your intuition, your first step is going to be raising your vibration and altering your thought patterns. Otherwise, you will never be in a space where intuition can thrive.

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