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Quantum Love: THE Secret to Creating The Love Life You Desire

I am so thrilled to be releasing my newest book, Quantum Love, into the world this week! This book is the product of a four-year journey into a deep pool of wisdom composed of science, philosophy, physics and even metaphysics.  It has added an immensely powerful layer to my work with couples, not to mention my personal life, and it’s super easy.  I’ve been working as a couple’s therapist for 25 years, but no tool has been as powerful in my work as Quantum Love. It’s time to share all I’ve learned with you!

Quantum Love is a love that goes beyond the intensity of new love, and is imbued with intimacy, joy and passion. It’s a love that allows you to tap into your soul and that of your mate, consciously feeling and experiencing the depth of that soul-to-soul connection.  And it’s available to absolutely everyone.  In my work it’s no longer about the next position or role-play to spice up the relationship, although there’s always a place for those!  However, while a few tips never hurt, that will only take you so far.  With Quantum Love, your connection and your sex life exponentially improve and the intensity you seek is always there.

Here’s the truth: Scientific discoveries over the past 25-50 years have established that at our core, we are all pure energy.  Our bodies have an energetic frequency that is always shifting and changing as a result of our thoughts and feeling states.  That energy doesn’t stay within our bodies, but emanates out, impacting everyone around us, most especially our romantic partners. Have you ever met someone new and walked away thinking, “Wow, she just lights up a room” or “That guy gave me the creeps.” It doesn’t have to be because of anything that person said or did—just a gut feeling you experienced from being around that person. This is their energy impacting yours.

We are, quite literally, like human tuning forks, constantly matching one another’s frequency.  You and your mate are constantly entraining your energy to one another.  Most of this happens outside conscious awareness, but not when you are practicing Quantum Love.  In this book I teach you how to consciously take charge of your body’s energetic frequency so that your partner matches to you; your wants, your desires, and the love you want to experience.  You have everything you need to create the love life you desire right here, right now. And it’s easy.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Go to the Quantum Love Page on now and you can get my Quantum Love Guided Meditation Kit for free.  These five meditations will bring you easily into the Quantum Love zone. Stay tuned for much more on how to practice Quantum Love in your own life, and let me know what you think about the book!

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