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Stress Contagion

Did you know that our moods are contagious and that we can literally “infect” those around us with negative energy? Beyond words and actions, our energy has impact.  We are all human tuning forks, unconsciously matching our energetic frequencies to one another, especially in love relationships.  When we hold low frequency emotions like stress, anxiety, or anger, it negatively affects those around us and we get less of what we want in love and more of what we don’t want.

A recent study asked mothers of newborns to leave their child for a small period of time.  One group was asked to complete a stressful task, while the other group was asked to complete a simple task.  When they returned to their children, the mothers who had completed the stressful task seemed to almost immediately emanate this tension to their infants.  Without doing or saying anything, their newborns started to cry and become agitated shortly after being connected to their mothers.  In fact, their heartbeats became more rapid as they matched the stressed-out heartbeats of their mothers.

The researchers referred to this as “stress contagion” and their results show that not only do babies become mentally stressed in response to their mother’s agitation, but that their very physiology will change as a result.  The opposite is also true.  Studies have shown that a mother’s cortisol levels (her stress hormone) instantly rocket up when she hears her baby crying.  It’s easy to see how this can become a vicious cycle.  Mom becomes stressed because her baby is crying, and in turn, her stress makes the baby more stressed, which makes him cry more…which makes her more stressed!

This energetic connection isn’t only true for moms.  A recent study following moms and dads during pregnancy found that men who were depressed during their partner’s pregnancy were more likely to have an infant with colic (unexplained bouts of crying).

Researchers aren’t exactly sure why this is, but they believe that a dad’s mood might continue to be poor (or even worsen) after his child’s birth, and that this negative energy is in turn emitted to the child.  Instead of connecting and creating a loving, affectionate bond, a depressed dad might be tired, unresponsive, or even hostile to his baby, which in turn could explain their colic and their own stress and unhappiness.

Here’s the thing: Babies come into this world radiating the perfect frequency of their essential self.  The way their energy is received and reflected back to them are their first steps to understanding their world.  If the energy they receive from mom or dad is stressed, anxious, or angry (ego frequency) instead of a high-vibration home state, then that is what the child is going to feel.  Just think: anxiety, stress, or anger feels terrible for us and we have the capability of understanding its cause, effect, and even the concept of what it is and what it means.  A baby doesn’t have that.  A baby only feels the negative emotion, with no understanding.  No wonder she screams!

Most of us can immediately understand and accept this because as a society, we tend to inherently believe in powerful connection between parents and babies (especially moms and babies).  Even though we can’t quite explain how it works, we know that there is an inherent, unspoken, and unbreakable bond between babies and their parents.  However, for some reason, we have a hard time believing that this energetic connection exists between other people, and that in fact, it exists between everyone with whom we have a close, intimate relationship, especially our partners.

Science tells us that this is so.  When we are in harmony with our partners, our physical bodies respond with improved health, decreased stress, and longer life expectancy.  In other words, our physical forms literally respond to the emotions we emit and receive, even going so far as to impact our immune systems and change the very rhythm of our hearts!

Author: Dr. Laura Berman

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