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Mind-Blowing Love

Are you seeking a love that’s passionate, deep, and long-lasting? Or are you looking to take your relationship to incredible new heights, physically and emotionally?

Of course—, who wouldn’t!? And guess what…

Those butterflies that fluttered in your stomach, and that tingling sensation you got at a simple touch, aren’t only for the first fairytale months of a relationship.

Imagine, after years of being together, that you and your significant other have a deep connection and raw passion that’s just as enchanting. Or if you’re single, imagine manifesting your dream relationship—effortlessly. It’s more than possible. The love you seek is completely within your power. It’s called Quantum Love.

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Quantum Love is a whole new level of love that’s available to all of us. It’s more thrilling than the newest love and deeper than the longest relationship. If you think that your only options are to settle for a less- than- fulfilling love and sex life, or to work really, really hard to recapture those first magical moments, Quantum Love is here to change that. 

Tremendous advancements in the field of quantum physics have proven that at our molecular core, we’re a vessel of energy.

Meaning— we attract things into our life based on our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Maybe at a surface level you are trying to attract what you want…, but what are your thoughts deep down? Are you repressing your emotions? Are you accepting the fate of a lackluster sex life? Frankly, you most likely don’t realize what energy you’re putting out in the Universe— and consequently into your relationship.

In the Mind-Blowing Love Online Course, renowned love, sex, and relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman, explains how you can harness the energy of your body, mind, and heart to transform your love life—whether that means attracting your perfect mate or cultivating a whole new level of passion, connection, and bliss in your relationship. This is by far the most personal Laura has ever been in her public career—but because of the tremendous impact her new research has had on her own life, relationships, and clients’ lives, she is bringing it to the public, because it will transform your life as well.

How can the Mind-Blowing Love Online Course elevate your love life?

During this course you’ll learn:

  • Your unique energetic profile—and how to use it to change the energy of your partner and those around you
  • Powerful meditations, including a chakra-oriented orgasmic meditation, to shift your energy and prime any romantic encounters with intimacy and pleasure
  • Four key daily practices, including unique Gratitude and Mindfulness exercises, to stay buzzing in a blissful, loving frequency
  • Straight talk on how manifestation really works, and how to become a master manifester of what you want in love
  • Surprising ways to detect trapped emotions in your body that might be holding you back from love
  • The power of the heart-brain connection— your heart’s energy is 5,000 times stronger than the electrical activity of your brain—and how to harness it for your love life
  • The “thorniest” obstacles to mind-blowing love—and exactly how to break through them
  • A variety of tips and techniques from Laura’s 25-year background as a sex and relationship therapist, from communication styles to kissing to Tantra techniques for the bedroom

Through lively personal and professional anecdotes, fascinating case studies, and the newest metaphysical and scientific research, Laura teaches you about your body’s unique energy profile and how you can consciously use it to create the love life of your deepest desires.

This course is rich with meditations, engaging exercises, and thrilling tips and techniques to enhance your love life using your body’s own energy, uncover deep-rooted feelings that might be keeping you from love, and create more intensity in your sex life. Quantum Love is a journey and a reclamation. You were born into a perfect state of love, and now it’s time to get back to it. Your love life will thank you.

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