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Manifestation Mondays

Transform Your Life: Secrets to Manifesting the Life and Love of Your Dreams

In this course, you will discover how the universe can be your greatest Valentine for manifestation if only you would trust. You will let go of resistance and limiting beliefs, notice the energetic shifts and realize how to effortlessly achieve what you deeply desire.


Manifestation Mondays with Dr Laura Berman and Andrea Kayne

This is for you when you are…

  • Wanting to let go of limiting beliefs and realize your full potential

  • Longing to change things in your love life but don’t know where to start

  • Looking for love but coming up short

  • Seeking to create more abundance in your life

  • Wanting to get clear on your soul’s purpose

  • Struggling to heal your heart from past wounds and betrayals

  • Interested in becoming more aligned with your authentic self

  • Longing for supportive community

  • Wanting to co-create the life of your dreams

  • Ready to up your game and take your manifesting to the next level

Join us for dialogue using spiritual teachings, psychological teachings, intuitive work, practices, mantras, and visualizations.

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