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9 Reasons Kissing is Good for You

Kissing can be sweet, erotic, passionate or affectionate, but no matter how you like to pucker up, you could reap some major benefits from locking lips with your partner. Here are the top 10 benefits that come from kissing (as if you needed any more motivation):

  • Kissing boosts oxytocin. Oxytocin is a brain chemical that is responsible for helping to create feelings of pleasure, intimacy and bonding. When we kiss, our brains respond by releasing this feel-good chemical which helps to feel bonded and trusting with our mates.
  • Kissing lowers stress. Bad day at work? Kiss your mate to help bring your stress levels down. Kissing has been shown to lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) thereby helping you to relax and unwind.
  • Kissing burns calories. No, really! Of course, a quick peck won’t be able to burn off a big dinner, but experts say kissing for over a minute could burn over 25 calories. So, go ahead, kiss like you mean it!
  • Kissing helps you choose the right partner. When we kiss, we do more than just lock lips. We exchange vital information via saliva, including information related to major histocompatability complexes (MHC). MHC is a collection of genes that are related to our immune system, and since we unconsciously want to mate with someone who has a different immune system than ours (in order to ensure the survival of the species), kissing might help let us know if we are kissing someone who might be too similar to our blood line.
  • Kissing helps fight the common cold. Many people think that kissing can be an unhealthy habit, especially if you kiss someone while sick. However, if you are both healthy and well, kissing can actually help to boost your immune system. Research from the journal Medical Hypotheses suggests that kissing might actually boost a woman’s immunity to certain diseases.
  • Kissing helps you live longer. A study from University College London collected research that found that men who kiss their wives goodbye were less likely to get into a car accident on the way to work. Just another reason not to rush out the door without a goodbye kiss!
  •  Kissing creates desire. When you kiss your mate, you begin to awaken your sexual response. Your heart rate will increase along with your desire, and soon you will be wanting to burn calories in an even more intense way.
  • Kissing keeps your marriage strong. A 2011 study from the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Indiana found that kissing, cuddling, and other forms of affection were important predictors for relationship satisfaction. And, surprisingly, this was most true for the men in the study…so don’t assume that guys don’t need kissing and cuddling too!
  • Kissing is free. Forget about expensive date nights or French lingerie. If you want to improve your relationship and increase your intimacy, just commit to kissing your partner for 10 seconds every day. With so many benefits, there is no reason not to!

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