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Is Pornography Bad for Women?

Pornography is a common part of the adult sexual experience. Thanks to the advent of technology, access to pornography has become easier than ever before. People no longer have to go to the back room of their video rental store or stay up late for the erotic movie on television. With an Internet connection, porn is now accessible 24-7, and it’s completely confidential and sometimes even free.

But what effect is this deluge of pornography having on our society, and has it changed the way women and men enjoy sex?

One study from the University of Hawaii suggests that the answers to such questions could be based on where you live. In 2011, researchers watched and compared erotica from a variety of different countries, and their findings were quite interesting. Countries in which female empowerment and gender equality were high were more likely to have pornography which featured positive and empowering images of female sexuality.

Positive images of female sexuality include those in which women were enjoying sex and it was not forced or painful. They faced the camera and were confident and happy. Negative images of female sexuality were considered to be those in which the woman appeared uncomfortable or disempowered, and in which her face was barely seen and her pleasure was not considered.

Norway ranked number one on the list of positive images of female sexuality, with the United States coming up as number fifteen. Japan came up as number 54. And, researchers noted that even those countries with the highest rates of positive female sexual experiences (such as Norway) still had a great deal of pornography which did not feature such empowering images.

The good news is that the tide is turning. People are beginning to realize that women could enjoy pornography much as men do, but they don’t want to watch erotica that features nothing but male-centric fantasies. In other words, instead of just the usual threesomes with busty blondes, women want to watch erotica that appeals to them mentally as well as physically.

Consider the wild popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. The sex scenes are certainly a major part of the appeal, but women enjoy the connection and the intense chemistry between the main characters. Directors and producers of erotica are beginning to realize that, and they are starting to tap into this female audience.

Candida Royale creates pornography “by women, for women” and many erotica producers now create erotica that is meant to be enjoyed by couples. They feature monogamous storylines along with mutually empowering and enjoyable scenes for men and women alike, and they can be a fun and erotic way for couples to spice up their sexual connection.

While the field of erotica continues to grow and evolve, it will hopefully continue to embrace the importance of female sexual enjoyment and promote positive images of female sexuality. The bottom line is that pornography can be as positive and negative as people choose to make it, but if you are on the lookout for couples’ erotic or female-positive erotica, it won’t be hard to find.




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