A Man’s Guide to the Clitoris

The female body can be quite mystifying. Even women can struggle to identify their hot spots for sexual pleasure. The main reason for this is that many people aren’t acquainted with the female anatomy. They know what it looks like, but they don’t know the names and the locations of the erogenous zones and how to stimulate the area best.

Of course, one area that most people have heard of is the clitoris. And with good reason…the clitoris is the only organ that exists purely for sexual pleasure, so it’s no wonder it has made such a name for itself. It’s often considered the most pleasurable area of the female anatomy, but it can also be overlooked or misunderstood. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Where you’ll find it. First the basics: The labia majora is the “outside” of the vagina, also known as the lips. (The vulva is actually the correct term for the female genitals. Vagina refers only to the actual vaginal cavity.) At the top of the vulva, inside the labia majora, is the clitoris.
  • Each clitoris has its own character. The clitoris can vary in size, shape, and color from woman to woman, but in general it is around the size of a pea…at least the part you can see with your naked eye! There are several parts to the clitoris, all of which work together to create sexual pleasure and orgasm. There are two clitoral crura (one is called a clitoral crus); the crura form an inverted V, with the top parts meeting at the clitoral head (or shaft).  They are about ten to 12 centimeters in length. When a woman becomes aroused, the clitoral crura fill with blood.
  • It feels like a small bump. The clitoral head (the part you can see with your naked eye) is located near the top of the labia minora, inside the labia majora. It is a small area that feels like a small bump, yet it packs a big punch.  After a woman’s lips on her mouth, the clitoris has more nerve endings than any other part of a woman’s body. Stimulation of this area can bring women to what is known as a clitoral orgasm, which is the most common type of orgasm.
  • Each woman likes different stimulation. Now that you know the anatomy behind the clitoris, you can better understand how to stimulate it. First, it’s important to realize that women vary when it comes to how they like their clitoris to be stimulated. Some don’t mind jumping right into it, while others need more time to build up to clitoral stimulation. It is a highly sensitive area, so too much pressure or intensity right away can be painful. Cue into your partner’s body (is she moaning and cooing with pleasure?) or go ahead and just ask her how she likes the pressure or rhythm.
  • Learn by watching. Another great idea is to ask your partner to stimulate herself in front of you. Not only will it be highly erotic and sensual, but it will also help you better understand how she likes to be touched and what type of stimulation she enjoys. 
  • Clitoral stimulation is important. Only 30% of women reach orgasm from intercourse alone. The rest need other stimulation to get them there, and clitoral stimulation is often a great option. Heighten your partner’s orgasmic chances by stimulating her before you move onto intercourse, or employ plenty of clitoral stimulation during the act itself. Positions that afford clitoral stimulation (such as woman on top) are also a good option.

It’s worth repeating that a unique touch is required for every woman. Just because your last girlfriend liked a specific type of touch, there is no guarantee that your new girlfriend will enjoy the same thing — the female sexual response is more complicated than that, as frustrating as it is at times. 



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