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You’ve Got a Beautiful Aura!

We’ve now established how crucial it is to be aware of the energy our body is putting out in the world. The fact is our body’s energy is not contained within our BioBodySuit (click here for Bio BodySuit Blog).  It is radiating outside of what we think of as “us” so clearly that it can be seen or even photographed.  This emanation is thought to be our “aura.”

Kids, intuitives, and energy healers can often see auras, which are said to be the image of the energy radiating outside our physical form.  They can be understood in both color and intensity.  In other words they carry and communicate information about us that can be sensed by others.

When my oldest, Ethan, was in fourth grade, he was really struggling with anxiety and depression and acting out in school.  We knew much of it was a result of the confluence of emotional and physical factors resulting from his experience with childhood cancer.  Once I exhausted the psychiatrist and the therapist route, a friend of mine told me about a Native American intuitive healer.  Deciding it couldn’t hurt, I took Ethan to see her.  As she sat there working on him, she suddenly said, “You can see auras, can’t you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You can see colors around things.”

He looked at her like she was crazy. “Can’t everybody see colors? Of course I can.”

They started going back and forth, naming the colors of things around the room: pointing to the lamp, “That one is blue.” And indicating me, jaw hanging open across the room, “Yeah, the one around her is pink.” He didn’t know what was weird about it.  It had always been his experience and he just assumed that everyone else could see auras, too.  It was my first clue of his intuitive powers.

In 1939, a Russian electrician named Simion Kirlian developed a method of capturing an energy field (like an aura) on film.  This has since become the primary method of determining what your auric field looks like.  And there is valuable information to be gained, not only from the colors you see but also from the intensity of those colors and whether there is an imbalance within the spectrum.  As we will see, an imbalance in your body’s energy can have a whole host of implications for your mental and physical health, and the state of your relationship.

The existence of the energy field surrounding our bodies has been demonstrated in numerous experiments. Known to scientists as the “biofield,” it corresponds with older notions of a distinctive but intangible “aura” surrounding the body, which has been seen not only in religious paintings, but also described in numerous healing traditions. Scientists investigating the biofield have suggested that it holds information about an organism and transmits this information throughout the organism. The biofield is what we are seeing in Kirlian photography.

Experiments on the human aura were carried out over a 20-year period at Valerie Hunt’s Energy Fields Laboratory at UCLA.  In one, “aura readings” by people who are highly sensitive to the body’s energies were compared with neurophysiological measures.  The colors seen by eight aura readers not only corresponded with one another, but they also correlated exactly with electromyography (EMG) wave patterns picked up by electrodes on the skin at the spot being observed.

These aura readers saw changes in the shape, action and color of the energy fields (the methods through which our auras deliver the information they carry).  Our auras can communicate our physical state through pulse rate and blood pressure, and our mental state through brain wave patterns.   Even our moods can be “read” through the appearance of our auras.

For more on your body’s energy, auras, and how to harness that energy for a better love life, check out my book, Quantum Love: Use Your Body’s Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire.

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