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Check Out My Aura!

Here’s an exercise you can try to sense your auras, and even notice if any part of your aura is not “closed.” The idea, according to energy healers, is that the aura should be whole and complete, surrounding your entire body.  However, sometimes a gap develops and that not only affects the efficiency with which you emit and take in energy from others and your surroundings.  It also may make you more vulnerable to the low frequency energy of others.

First, let’s just talk about seeing sensing or feeling your aura.  I have worked with many patients, who once they’ve mastered home frequency, started to access a higher intuitive sense.  With that, often comes the ability to see auras.  I don’t see them, but I have met many who do, as I discussed in my last blog post.  It’s quite astounding to talk to these folks and witness the consistency in the colors they see.  But whether or not you see auras, we can all sense them.

A simple way to feel your aura is to place one palm about 3 inches above your arm.  Gently and slowly move your hand up and down and you will sense something that feels like static electricity.  You can also place your two palms (or you and your partner’s palms) about three inches apart and sense the same thing.  That’s the energy of your aura.

To scan your aura and determine if there are any places it isn’t closed, you are going to enlist a bit of kinesiology. This process, like many of the chakra balancing ones I shared above, I learned from Donna Eden, in her book Energy Medicine.  It is one you have to do with a partner.

  1. Lie on a comfortable surface. Your aura tester should hold an open hand about three inches above your body.
  2. The tester then scans the body by slowly and gently moving their palm over it, head to toe.
  3. Then, intermittently while your body is being scanned, have your tester hold out the arm that is not scanning you, straight out parallel to the floor, palm down. With your hand, exert pressure right above their wrist.
  4. Wherever the arm goes weak, there is likely a disruption in the aura that is being scanned. As the one being scanned, you can practice sensing if you can feel any difference when your partner is over a spot with a disruption or not.

So what do you do if there are any holes or disruptions in your aura? You can energetically “fill” any hole or mend a tear.  First, ground yourself and open your heart.  Move both hands in a counter clockwise circle over the area.  The idea is that excess energy from other areas on your body will be attracted to the electromagnetic energies of your hands.  Eden mentions that when you do this (especially from a coherent state), you may intuitively start a kneading motion with your hands, or notice they spontaneously move out further than three inches from the body.  This is normal and it means that you are intuitively sensing what the body needs.


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