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Nationwide Study Says 1 in 4 College Women are Sexually Assaulted on Campus

Breaking: Nationwide Study Says 1 in 4 College Women are Sexually Assaulted on Campus

A recent survey of 33 universities led by the Association of American Universities has revealed that sexual violence on campus continues to run rampant. 25 percent of female college students reported being victims of sexual assault, with most women saying they opted not to pursue criminal charges because they were ashamed or feared that they would not be believed or supported by their campus community.

This nationwide survey is very disturbing, and it confirms previous research which has highlighted the endemic cases of sexual assault on our campuses. The survey also mirrors recent statistics released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which found that 1 in 16 American women say that their first sexual experience occurred without their consent.

The sad reality is that for many women, their first initiation into sex was traumatic, violent, and shadowed with shame, fear, and worthlessness.

It is impossible to overstate the devasting impact this can have on a woman, both emotionally and physically.

Researchers have found that survivors suffer decades of physical and emotional consequences from these acts of sexual violence. They have higher rates of reproductive health problems, including pelvic pain and menstrual irregularities, and higher rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and substance abuse.

In an effort to help women recover from these unspeakable crimes, I am pairing up with self-help guru and my dear friend Teal Swan to offer a ‘Sexual Healing’ course, which will help survivors process their pain, re-wire their sexual response, and shift out of self-harming patterns which can be so common among sexual assault victims.

Interested women can sign up for the Sexual Healing Masterclass online here for free.

Sexual trauma is something that is best healed together, in groups, especially with other like-minded women who have endured similar pain. Sexual assault can be so isolating and shameful, but in building this community and making these topics safe to discuss, we tap into our true power and potential for healing.

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