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Become a Jedi Master of Love

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens across the country on December 18, and if you are like my sons and I, you can’t wait to catch the first possible showing and enjoy the action with your family.

What is it about Star Wars that appeals to so many millions of people? Outside of the amazing direction and storyline, I think the appeal of the movies is the appeal of science fiction itself–the idea that the world could be different than it is now, the idea that “magic” is actually possible, except this ain’t Harry Potter we are talking about…It’s pure scientific discovery.

Here’s the beauty of the sci-fi genre–many of the ideas and the technology presented in these films are actually rooted in reality. Perhaps light sabers aren’t yet in common use, but some of the principles behind Star Wars are based in ancient philosophy…Such as that famed galactic idea, the Jedi Mind Trick.

What is a Jedi Mind Trick? The term was first introduced in “Return of the Jedi,” where viewers learned that Jedi masters could not only control their own minds, but that they use their Jedi energy to direct the minds of the people around them.

Sounds impossible, right? We know there is no such thing as mind control, unless you are talking about things like brainwashing and other dangerous and detrimental techniques.

But what if I told you that the idea of a “Jedi Mind Trick” is not so far-fetched at all, but that you an become the Jedi Master of your love life? This is what I explore in my new book Quantum Love (now available for pre-order here). This is the most personal book I have ever written, and it touches on concepts that have truly changed my life and that of my patients.

The idea behind Quantum Love is both ridiculously simple and earth-shatteringly profound. Here it is: We are all energy. Every single one of us is more than skin and bone. We are living, vibrating energy that is full of unending potential. This is what Quantum Physics is teaching us.  And this energy, this Jedi life force, connects us all. As the saying goes, no man is an island. We are all inter-connected. Our energy comes from the same source and it vibrates out of us without so much as a word or a glance from us.

You already know this on some level.  It’s why you know your partner’s mood the minute you walk in the door before seeing them, or why your friend calls you right at the moment you were thinking about him or her. Yet, when you consciously harness your body’s energy, you can become a master of what is essentially a Jedi mind trick. You can bend reality to your will. You can impact other people’s minds by channeling your own mental power and focusing your own energy. In fact, you are already doing this (affecting people around you with your energy), but since you aren’t aware and attuned to it, you probably aren’t necessarily impacting them (or your reality) the way you desire.

The truth is you can change everything, and create exactly what you long for in love, without even needing your partner’s buy in!  In fact, your lover doesn’t even have to know what you are doing.  When you exercise the principles of Quantum Love you can harness your body’s energy to the benefit of your relationship and become a Jedi master in love. You can have the power of the force at your fingertips, whether you are grappling with an issue at work or trying to improve your relationship or even enhance your orgasms.

Author:  Laura Berman

The force in you, you just have to awaken it. It turns out that galaxy which is far, far away has actually been deep inside of you all along.  Stay tuned for more on how to access it!

For more on accessing your Jedi powers to change everything in your relationship for the better, read my book, Quantum Love: Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire

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