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Why a Liberal Feminist is Cheering for President Trump

Today Donald Trump became the 45th President of The United States.

As a liberal and a proud feminist, I should be crying. I should be furious. Most of my like-minded friends and colleagues certainly are.

But, I am not. Instead, I am welcoming President Trump with an open heart.

How can I explain this apparent cognitive dissonance? How can I be a liberal feminist and greet Donald Trump’s presidency with anything other than anger and fear?

Because I firmly believe that my deep, whole-hearted acceptance of his presidency is what this country needs. And because I know that love is where my true power lies…In Quantum Love.

Every emotion we hold emits an energetic frequency. And the truth is, our emotions are contagious. When we are holding a state of anger and fear, we emit that energetic frequency into the world around us. As humans, we are like tuning forks, constantly (and usually unconsciously) matching one another’s energetic frequency and creating realities that match those emotions.

When we are angry and fearful, we emit those vibrations to the world, and like a tuning fork, the vibrations return back to us. The more dark and angry we feel, the more dark and angry the world feels. It becomes a vicious cycle of negativity, hatred and disconnectedness. On the other hand, when we exist in a state of love, hope and optimism, we are able to create more of that reality in our lives. The universe feels our positive vibes and responds to us in turn, becoming a more pleasant, joyous place for us to live.

While anger is a powerful and necessary emotion, it can only take us so far. I know what some of you are thinking: Heck, no! That guy’s rhetoric is offensive! If we don’t hold on to our anger and fear he will just trample over us, and our civil liberties and human rights, here and abroad. I agree that some of the things President Trump has said and done are completely awful. Some of his policy ideas are quite terrifying for most of the American population. I don’t condone his locker room talk or his bullying and offensive rhetoric.

But what would happen if you opened your mind to the possibility that the culture of inclusion and respect is not going to fall apart just because Trump is in office? What if you opened your mind to the possibility that we will only continue to build on the amazing momentum that has been built over the past 8 years?

Now, I realize that as a white heterosexual woman with certain citizenship, my “Pollyanna” attitude might rub you the wrong way. But don’t mistake my open-hearted state with weakness. Just because I have chosen peace of mind over inner turmoil does that not mean I am going to stick my head in the sand. Optimism does not equal complacency.

I believe deeply and profoundly in each one of us. If (or when) President Trump tries to pass a law (or overturn a law) that threatens human rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights, you name it—I will fight back. I believe the majority of Americans will be ready be fight back regardless of political position. Indeed, many people who I have spoken to that voted for Trump have assured me that they will be the first to stand up and decry President Trump if he threatens any Americans’ freedom.

I am holding President Trump in Quantum Love rather than anger because I truly believe it is necessary and required of me. I want to have a positive impact on this world and in my community, and I know that the way to do that is by living in a coherent, open-hearted state of hopefulness and optimism.

If you need a little added incentive, go to the science! Research shows that when people come together with unified intention to create peace, they can literally lower the crime rate of entire cities. (No, really. Check out the study here.)

As I discuss in my book Quantum Love, studies reveal that one individual in a state of love and hope positively impacts 750,000 individuals who are operating in fear and anger. Imagine what we could do if we can together with an intention to accept President Trump with grace. Imagine if the millions of women, men and children who are gathered together in Washington D.C., Chicago, and around the globe today and in the future, did so not with fear, rage, and bitterness, but with something more powerful than all of that combined…Quantum Love.

Imagine what we could accomplish if we unite to hold President Trump in our hearts and minds to his highest human potential? How would the mood in the crowd shift (or in the country) shift if we committed to opening our hearts and staying in a place of unconditional love and unity? (I jokingly refer to this as a Jedi mind trick, and you can read more about how to do it here.)

Trump’s presidency will ensure that I work harder for the causes I believe in and speak louder when decrying attitudes that are sexist, racist, and homophobic. It means I will donate more money, more time, and more of myself to the organizations connected to human rights and civil liberties. Now more than ever I won’t take the work these amazing groups are doing for granted, and will do all I can to help.

So President Trump, welcome to the White House. While I did not vote for you in November, I am rooting for you now and sending you lots of good vibes for open hearted success.

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