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How Men Can Support the #MeToo Movement

Guys, First of all, I want you to know that I am writing this letter from a place of love and deep respect. I know you are a good man. I know you are saddened and disgusted when you hear about women and girls being abused by sexual predators. I know it frightens you, especially… Read more »

Are You An Emasculated Man?

LOVE TIP: For my alpha women! Alright, ladies, let’s be honest, do you sort of wear the pants in your relationship? Most women would proudly claim that they do. Maybe they don’t call it that, but they certainly do it all; taking care of the kids, deciding what kind of wardrobe their husbands have, where… Read more »

How To Talk To Children About The Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

On Sunday night, fifty-nine people lost their lives in the worst mass-shooting that has ever taken place on American soil. Five hundred more were wounded, and countless others were left traumatized and terrified after the attack. After such a display of extreme violence and hatred, how can we simply go back to normal? And how… Read more »

Here’s What Taylor Swift Can Teach Men about Stepping Up

Like many women who have been groped, Taylor Swift has been advised to let it go. Move on. Shake it off, as her number-one single proclaims. It was just a quick butt-grab, right? Considering over 87 percent of American women have experienced street harassment (ranging from catcalls to being grabbed, groped or followed), it’s clear… Read more »

Here’s Why There Is No Such Thing As “No-Strings-Attached” Sex

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.” ― Deepak Chopra A recent study published in PLOS One found something shocking: During autopsies, researchers found that women had genetically distinct male cells in their brains. It was a hugely significant finding, as it was quite shocking… Read more »

Can You Change Your Past?

Those of you who’ve read my newest book (Quantum Love) have heard this from me already, but I absolutely believe (and always have) that is possible to change our past. When we heal ourselves and work on our own personal evolution, we heal not only our futures (and our children’s futures, per messages and energy… Read more »

How to Become Truly Free

“Freedom starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” (Brene Brown, paraphrased.) America celebrated her 241st birthday this week, and the special occasion made me consider more than just fireworks and grilling out. It led me to wonder: What does it really mean to be free? While we are fortunate to live in a… Read more »

Drunk Sex is Bad Sex

When it comes to ‘hookup culture,’ bad decisions and plenty of alcohol tend to go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s the Weeknd crooning about how he can’t feel his face or Miley and her Molly, it seems like plenty of lubrication is required before sexual escapades can begin—and by that I mean, social lubrication in the form… Read more »