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The Four Truths of Quantum Love

The key to amazing, deep, passionate love is in harnessing your energy consciously for the benefit of your relationship.  This is Quantum Love.  This is a love that goes beyond even the intensity of new love, and is imbued with intimacy, joy and passion. It’s a love that allows you to tap into your soul and that of your mate, consciously feeling and experiencing the depth of that soul-to-soul connection.  And it’s available to absolutely everyone.

When I use the word ‘energy,’ I don’t just your physical energy (like feeling awake and active versus tired or worn out). Instead, I mean the vibrations you are putting out into the universe. Every single of us gives off a vibration (think of it as a radio frequency) to the people around us. Indeed, for the past 50 years, discoveries in Quantum Physics reveal that we are all pure energy on a atomic level, and that energy is not static and contained within our bodies, but rather vibrates into the world around us.

Not only are we pure energy, but we and everything around us is pure potential. Quantum scientists tell us that as atoms of pure energy, we co-exist together in one big soup known as the Quantum Field. Each of us affects the field, this soup, with our energy that radiates out into the universe around us. 

It is from this field that our reality is created, and whatever we believe to exist, only exists because we believe it to be so.  Until then, everything is pure potential.  In other words, all our experiences and the world around us is being created by our expectations…and the feelings we have about those expectations. Thoughts and emotions, expectations and feelings, these all shape and in fact create our reality.

Quantum Love Truth #1: Your Emotions Have an Energetic Frequency that Deeply Impact Your Partner

You and your mate are like tuning forks matching your bodies’ energetic frequencies to one another, and mutually creating the tone of your relationship experience.  Lower frequency feelings like fear, shame, guilt, anger and despair will bring more of the experiences you don’t want to your relationship.  Higher frequency feelings like acceptance, forgiveness, joy and elation create more of what you do want.

Staying in a place of ‘Home Frequency’ will ensure that your energetic frequency is a force of positive power that you can use to heal your relationship.  Home Frequency is a term I use to describe your energetic sweet spot for Quantum Love.  Home Frequency is when you are energetically open and vulnerable. Home Frequency is the feeling you get when you look at your kids sleeping, or when you remember your first kiss with your beloved, or when you think of how you feel when you are perfectly at peace and at one with yourself and those around you.  In contrast, Ego Frequency is a state in which you are prickly, aggressive, defensive, easily wounded, and less able to take in and give love.

Learning to shift into Home Frequency and learning to realize when your energy is negatively impacting your relationship and your partner is one of your greatest tools.

Quantum Love Truth #2: Your Partner is Your Greatest Teacher

There is a higher purpose behind every relationship. After 20 years of working with couples, I have found that that toughest aspect of our partner’s personality is typically the unconscious reason we fell in love with him or her in the first place!  For each of us, those roughest edges of our love relationships reflect our own learning edges and deepest areas for personal growth.

Your partner is ultimately a mirror of how you feel about yourself, and your relationship will call on you to get into integrity with earlier wounds and negative life patterns.  Perhaps you struggle with your partner’s unaffectionate nature. The Quantum Truth is that your partner’s lacking in the hugging and kissing department is actually serving you in some way.  Maybe you are being called on to finally address earlier wounds of emotional abandonment or feelings of unworthiness.  The situation might be inviting you to step into your power more and inspire and ask for more physical affection. Whatever it is that irritates you about your partner and your relationship, it is there for a reason. It’s a red flag saying “Pay attention to me!” What is it about the situation that is there to serve you? What is it that you can learn? You might be amazed by what you discover.

Quantum Love Truth #3: The Lens Through Which You View Your Partner is Everything

Where your attention goes, energy flows.  The lens through which you view your partner and your relationship will dictate your emotions toward them and the energetic frequency you hold around them. Most of us look for the ways in which our partner is failing us—the times they are late, grumpy, selfish, or unaffectionate. This puts us in a place of scarcity and low frequency energy, which not only affects our mood around our mate, but impacts their energetic frequency state as well. This is Quantum Physics at work. 

When you change the lens through which you view your partner and your relationship to a more generous and loving perspective, everything changes.  Your body’s energy moves into home frequency and all of a sudden, you notice you’re your partner is doing right, how they are showing up for you, the smallest romantic gestures.  In response to your energetic shift to home frequency, your partner’s energy changes as well.  What you are most hoping for in love shows up in your relationship effortlessly.

Quantum Love Truth #4: It Is Always Possible to Shift into Quantum Love

Your energy is always available to you, and your energy is nothing but pure potential. Ergo, there is nothing stopping you from building the relationship you desire. You are a creator and you have the power to elevate your vibrations and choose quantum love anytime you desire. It is never impossible. It is never too late. You are worthy and you are able.

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