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The Bear Market’s Impact in the Bedroom


As stocks continue to struggle after this week’s lowest point in 12 years, the predicted bear market is causing financial anxieties across America. And these anxieties could have a very surprising side effect on our lives:  Low libido and sexual performance issues in the bedroom.

Research has demonstrated that stress is one of the biggest factors when it comes to male sexual dysfunction. Our current financial insecurity will impact more than just our portfolios. Many couples are going to feel the market’s impact in their bedroom as well.

Indeed, I have worked with many male clients who have suffered from sexual performance and response issues as a result of financial strain.

It is not uncommon for men to struggle with sexual difficulties when they are struggling financially or concerned with their future. For many men, being a provider is inherently tied to their masculinity and to their feelings of self-worth. When this is threatened, it can make it very difficult for men to be in the mood for intimacy and to maintain a healthy, robust sexual response.

Men tend to struggle with discussing their innermost fears and doubts. So when these problems arise in the bedroom and beyond, they will simply shut down and put that wall up, leaving their female partners in the dark about what is going on inside of them. As a result, these women can catastrophize about what is wrong, assuming everything from infidelity to suspecting that their partner is no longer attracted to them.

As a result, the emotional intimacy and trust is tarnished, which only further harms physical connection and intimacy, as women often need that affection and closeness in order to establish sexual desire. It’s a vicious cycle.

However, while the bear market can be very damaging to a person’s relationship, it doesn’t have to be. It’s crucial to keep communicating with your partner, and to make sure you reach out for help if you need it. Exercise, a healthy diet, and a yoga/meditation practice can also help to keep stress at bay. You might also consider therapy or online support groups. 

This is a scary time right now for many of us, but in talking about these fears and being honest with our partners, we can keep anxiety from driving us apart. In particular, men especially need to be mindful about how the market is impacting their desire, and while talking about their feelings may not come easily, it could be the very thing that helps to safeguard their sexual function.


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