Dr. Laura Berman is available for speaking engagements for audiences of all sizes. Whether you want Dr. Berman to speak to your organization, school or nonprofit, or you are seeking a speaker for a small, intimate gathering, Dr. Berman can experly cover topics such as:

  • Healing from sexual trauma
  • Learning about consent
  • Talking to kids about safer sex
  • Embracing the divine feminine/masculine
  • Having sex again after childbirth, illness, surgery, etc.
  • Pornography and sex addiction
  • Recovering after divorce
  • Supporting your partner or child during gender transition
  • Strengthening your marriage
  • Enhancing your sex life
  • Menopause
  • Creating Quantum Love
  • Addressing male/female sexual dysfunction
  • Grief and how to mourn with awareness and intention
  • Social media and risks for young people
  • Discovering your purpose and passion
  • Learning to have spiritual sex

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