The Quantum Love Quiz

The Quantum Love Quiz is designed to help you to take toll of your relationship, and see where you fall on the Quantum Lovemap.  When you answer the questions, think in terms of how you feel in general, rather than just this moment.  The more honest you are, the clearer your results will be.

1. I feel secure in my relationship.
2. It is very easy for me to be present with my partner.
3. I find it easy to get attached to my lover(s) in a healthy way.
4. I feel I have enough power in my relationship.
5. I find it easy to open my heart and be vulnerable in my relationship.
6. I prefer spontaneity to predictability in the bedroom. 
7. I embrace my impulses and desires.
8. I feel comfortable exploring new sexual avenues.
9. I enjoy being sexual with my partner.
10. I am comfortable expressing myself sexually.
11. I feel deserving of love by an available and committed partner.
12. I am comfortable being the object of my partner’s love and desire.
13. I feel confident my partner won’t leave me or cheat on me.
14. I deserve as much respect as I give in my relationship.
15. My partner and I share similar goals for our relationship over the long term.
16. It comes easily to me to trust and open up to my partner.
17. I am comfortable with emotional intimacy.
18. I enjoy connection rather than keeping my partner at a distance.
19. When we argue I find it easy to be sensitive to my partner’s pain.
20. I find it easy to be emotionally generous with my partner.
21. I am comfortable expressing my needs to my partner.
22. When necessary, I can be assertive about my needs.
23. I communicate well with my partner, balancing talking and listening.
24. I am confident and comfortable when telling my partner a difficult truth.
25. If I am unhappy about something, I will speak up about it.
26. I love to dream about the future with my partner.
27. I am aware of what I want in my relationship.
28. I am intuitively aware of what my partner needs without having to ask.
29. I can sense when my partner is troubled, lying, in danger, etc.
30. I know the mood my partner is in the moment he (or she) walks in the room.
31. I understand both my partner and I are part of a higher power.
32. I trust my intuition in my relationship.
33. I believe my partner is my greatest teacher.
34. I recognize the gifts/lessons in the struggles we have together.
35. I am aware that our relationship is part of a much bigger plan.

Quantum Love