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One-Night Stands

What’s your take on one-night-stands?

While casual sex is becoming a common and popular part of our culture, many people feel as though one-night-stands and random hookups can be unfairly geared towards a man’s pleasure.

In fact, a recent survey led by the Kinsey Institute found that women are two times more likely to have an orgasm when they are in a relationship as opposed to a causal affair. They are also much less likely to reach orgasm during a hookup when compared to men—80 percent of men report reaching gratification after a casual sex encounter, as opposed to only 42 percent of women.

It’s easy to understand why this might be the case. For one thing, the brain is the main sexual organ for many people. In other words, an emotional and mental connection helps contribute to some of the fun and passion of sex. If that connection is lacking, the sex itself can be lackluster for one or both parties. Additionally, reaching orgasm can often require a willingness to be vulnerable and uninhibited, and some women (and even men) are unable to reach that point of freedom and openness with someone they just met.

Furthermore, in a random hookup, the couple will be less aware of each other’s needs and desires, meaning that a woman’s hotspots can often go ignored. The attention and focus to her needs might not be there at all, as the man might be less invested in ensuring she reaches orgasm as it is only a causal encounter.

Does this mean that casual sex is only fun for men? Not necessarily. Orgasm isn’t the only point of sex, and for some women, the excitement and spontaneity of having sex with a new partner can make up for a lack of gratification. Still, it’s important to note that casual sex can be particularly risky since you don’t know your partner or his sexual history, and for that reason, random hookups might not offer a reward that is worth the risk.

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