New Study Says Better Intimacy Starts with Boosting Women’s Confidence

New Study Says Better Intimacy Starts with Boosting Women’s Confidence

A new study has found that better sexual pleasure for women begins in the mind.

Researchers found that ‘self-efficacy’ (a person’s confidence in their ability to accomplish necessary tasks) plays a large role in women’s ability to enjoy sexual pleasure. The study, which was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that women with higher sexual self-esteem, higher self-efficacy, and higher belief in their entitlement to sexual pleasure had more frequent orgasms than women who rated lower in these categories.

This survey showed that women have more orgasms when they have a higher belief in their ability to attain sexual pleasure, along with a higher belief in their sexual abilities and their sexual entitlement. By entitlement, I mean a woman’s belief in her right to have orgasms alongside her partner, and her right in seeking to make those orgasms a reality.

This new survey is very important because it shows that improving sexual pleasure for women comes down to more than just foreplay, better techniques, and circumventing common female sexual dysfunction.

What we see from this study is that women, even young, healthy women, have better sex when their mental health allows for the importance of sexuality and their inherent dignity and worth as sexual beings.

So, if we want to improve and support women’s sexual health, we need to start by making sure that our society reflects the right and importance of women’s sexual pleasure, as well as imbuing them with confidence and resources to put that sexual pleasure in their own hands.

This will create a virtuous cycle, in which women who are better able to achieve orgasms than feel more confident and capable in the bedroom, which will lead to more orgasms and improved sexual confidence.

We need to reframe the way we talk about sexual pleasure. Especially when it comes to female sexual pleasure. It’s a skill that women need to learn and exercise, and we need to normalize this journey and encourage sexual confidence and exploration for women of all ages.

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