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When You Fear Success: Getting Out Of Your Own Way (LOL Session with Martha White)

It’s time for another one of our ‘sessions’ on “The Language of Love”! On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” I am doing a session with a caller named Martha White. Martha shares with me a story that I think will sound very familiar to many of you: Whenever she sets a goal, she has lots of energy and motivation at first, but then she quickly finds herself getting ‘stuck’ and not having anymore forward momentum.

I talk to Martha about how she can un-stuck and achieve her goals, particularly from an energetic standpoint. How can you align your energy so that you are attracting the success and abundance you desire? And why is it that we find ourselves winding up in dead-end situations where we can’t accomplish our dreams no matter how much we try?

In speaking with Martha, I also find that she tends to choose men who don’t support her dreams and actively desire her success. I believe this is one of her primary wounds: Not that she has a fear of failure, but a fear of success!

Does this sound familiar? Tune in and listen to my advice for Martha and join us as I do a grounding exercise that helps her to unlock the secret pain that is keeping her stuck in these dead-end relationships and unable to get her business up and flourishing.

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