When Sex is in the Way of Love

On today’s unique episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Berman talks about what to do when sex gets in the way of love. Yes, while normally Dr. Berman addresses issues like lack of libido or lack of sexual pleasure, today she is talking about what happens when TOO much sexual pleasure gets in the way of the love you want.

First, Dr. Berman helps a woman who says that she is tired of men who seem to only view her as a sexual object. While she dates a lot and has no problem meeting men, she says that she is constantly dealing with guys who are too overtly sexual at first and don’t seem interested in her beyond sexual gratification. How can she attract a man who is actually interested in a relationship and not just hooking up? How can you create a dating profile that is flirty and fun, while still making it clear that you are only looking for monogamy and serious relationships, not casual sex?

Next, Dr. Berman helps a man who is dating a woman 20 years his junior. While their sex life is fantastic and he is having a great time, he is tired of his friends and family assuming that he is just her sugar daddy and that this isn’t a real relationship. How can he get people to take their relationship seriously, and what should he do about the fact that she is currently in financial distress and could use his monetary support? Is it ever possible for May-December relationships to last, especially when there is a power imbalance and one person has all the money, while the other has the youth and beauty? And what do you if your friends aren’t respectful of your romantic choices or don’t take your younger partner seriously? 

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