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What is Sexual Healing?

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman talks about ‘sexual healing,’ and what that term means to her. How can you use sexual intercourse to elevate your energetic consciousness and use sexual pleasure as a tool to help you heal your life?

Then, Dr. Berman talks about another kind of sexual healing: Healing physical issues in the bedroom which prevent people from enjoying intimacy. From lack of desire to erection issues to painful sex to an inability to reach orgasm, there are many common sexual complaints that can complicate your experience in the bedroom. However, there are also many tools that can help you overcome these issues and create the sex life you desire.

Dr. Berman also addresses how you can heal from past sexual trauma. In many cases, people with a history of sexual abuse may struggle to feel safe in the bedroom and avoid sex altogether, or they might use sex in a self-destructive way and have unsafe sex or make promiscuous choices even if they really aren’t wanting to do so.

As Dr. Berman explains, being ‘sex positive’ doesn’t have to mean that you have to be ready to have threesomes or be ready to swing from the chandeliers: You can still be conservative about your fantasies or desires, but you are nonjudgmental and realize that sex is an important and healthy part of being human.

And, if you are single, how can you initiate sexual healing when you don’t currently have a partner? Dr. Berman talks about how you can use self-stimulation as a tool for healing. 

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