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Waiting for ‘The One’

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman tackles the concept of a ‘new normal’ and the fundamental invitation the pandemic offered each of us: The opportunity to go inward and begin prioritizing connection over distraction, and quality over quantity when it comes to our relationships.

For many of us, the pandemic has put a pause on our sex lives. On today’s episode, Dr. Berman talks to a woman who says she hasn’t had sex for a year… and now has decided she wants to wait to have sex until she meets ‘the one.’ She is hesitant to be intimate with a partner too early because she knows it will create feelings of attachment even if the partner isn’t right for her or if the partner isn’t seeking a relationship. So how can she manage her feelings of desire while patiently waiting for ‘the one,’ and how can she explain to her dates that she isn’t going to be open to hookups or casual sexual connection?

Dr. Berman also talks about how masculine and feminine energy can impact our desire in the bedroom and the way we sexually respond to our partners. Many women are multi-taskers who have a difficult time letting go and being wholly present in the bedroom, as they are worried about the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink or the presentation they have to give at the office the next day. Dr. Berman discusses the concept of ‘choreplay’ and how being a more engaged and helpful partner around the house can create space for women to feel more relaxation and desire, leading to more sexual pleasure for both partners! 

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