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The Danger of Dead Bedrooms

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman talks about the very real danger that comes from ‘dead bedrooms.’ As she explains, the longer you go without sex, the more difficult it is to reawaken that desire and save that sexual connection. From physical concerns like the decline of sexual response and atrophy in the genital region to the emotional valley that can grow between couples when sex falls by the wayside, Dr. Berman explains why it’s so important to get the flames going in the bedroom, because once that fire is doused, it becomes that much harder to reignite once again.

Next, Dr. Berman talks about how older women can grow into their sexual prowess as they age. She explains that while older men can be seen as ‘debonair’ or getting better with age, older women tend to be seen as unattractive or simply not seen at all. She explains why this myth is simply false and why sex can be enjoyable and life-affirming for baby boomers and beyond, and how to deal with common issues like vaginal dryness and body image issues as they arise. She explains how older women can lean into their wisdom and embrace life and sexuality both during and after menopause. “I’m really interested in helping women understand what a powerful, innervating, freeing and exciting time this can be,” she says about life after menopause.

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