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Sex Therapy 101

Have you ever wondered if you could benefit from sex therapy? On today’s episode of the “Language of Love,” Dr. Berman explains who really needs sex therapy and when sex therapy is the most productive.

First, Dr. Berman helps a 43-year-old woman who says sex hurts lately and she isn’t becoming lubricated like she used to. 

Dr. Berman also gets an email from a lesbian who has recently begun dating a transwoman. However, her new partner still has male genitalia–which makes this lifelong lesbian uncomfortable because she has never interacted with a penis and has no desire to do so. 

Finally, Dr. Berman takes a voice message from a man who says his libido has disappeared lately and he is feeling rundown and out of sorts–could it be low T?

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*Please note: this episode was recorded before the heartbreaking death of Sammy Chapman, Dr. Berman’s son. For resources to help you talk to your kids about the dangers of prescription pills and synthetic drugs, click here

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