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Radical Awakening with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down with one of her favorite writers and thinkers, Dr. Shefali Tsabary. They discuss Dr. Shefali’s latest book “A Radical Awakening,” and what she wants women to know about stepping into their power as well as owning the fact that they are often unconscious co-creators of their own suffering.

Together Dr. Berman and Dr. Shefali break down the differences between men and women and how institutions like marriage can contribute to these power imbalances. Dr. Shefali offers actionable tips on how women can begin to lean into their feminine gifts and awaken to their true power.

They tackle the idea of how rigid social expectations and an obsession of success and wealth has led to generations of suffering and disconnect. How can we get back to our true source and find lasting peace and worth, while still achieving our goals, and while still loving and parenting and living in a way that aligns with our core values?

Listen in to hear this powerhouse of a speaker and author share her deep wisdom with Dr.
Berman on this must-listen episode.

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