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Quantum Love

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman talks about the meaning of Quantum Love and how to implement Quantum Love principles in your own life, both inside and outside the bedroom.  Scientific discoveries over the past 25-50 years have established that at our core, we are all pure energy. Our bodies have an energetic frequency that is always shifting and changing as a result of our thoughts and feeling states.  That energy doesn’t stay within our bodies, but emanates out, impacting everyone around us, most especially our romantic partners. 

Dr. Berman says that couples are like human tuning forks, constantly matching one another’s frequency.  You and your mate are constantly entraining your energy to one another.  Most of this happens outside conscious awareness, but not when you are practicing Quantum Love.  In this episode, Dr. Berman teaches you how to consciously take charge of your body’s energetic frequency so that your partner matches to you; your wants, your desires, and the love you want to experience.  You have everything you need to create the love life you desire right here, right now. 

After you listen to this episode, go to Dr. Berman’s website to find her Guided Quantum Love Meditations that will help you get grounded and open your heart so you can create the love you deeply desire and deserve. 

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