Maria Menounos and the Caregiving Crisis

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” media mogul and television star Maria Menounos joins Dr. Laura Berman for an intimate talk about healing, transformation, and whole-body health.

Menounos is a cancer survivor who battled brain cancer alongside her mother. She shares how her mother’s brain cancer deeply impacted her life, and how the diagnosis completely shifted her focus and changed her career.

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” you will learn:

• How caregiving can be depleting and demanding, and how you can lose yourself entirely as you devote yourself to caring for your sick loved one

• How women, in particular, can lose their passion, their wellness, and their power as they selflessly care for both their aging parents and their young children

• How caregivers often forgo their own medical appointments and their own health because caregiving take everything out of you

• How the Covid-19 crisis left so many people struggling to care for their sick loved ones without any support or assistance for themselves

• How you can recapture your lost identity and find space for joy, peace, and even sex even during times when you are holding the weight of the world on your shoulder

• How grief can come in waves and leave you feeling guilty, or lost, or even empty after your caregiving role has been taken away and your loved one is gone

• How you can look to the universe for support and resources even when you’re at your lowest

• How you can lose your faith and struggle to feel your loved one after they are gone

This episode will teach you how to find light even in your darkest moments and begin to build joy and magic and passion in your life. Listen now!

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