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Loving Consciously with Lee Harris Part 2

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman continues her conversation with the transformative author and energy guide, Lee Harris. (See the previous episode for Part One of her interview with Harris).

In this episode, Dr. Berman and Harris talk about how you can heal from a breakup and find self-care. What does self-care really mean? Is it about splurging on a massage or taking a hot bath with expensive bath bombs? Or is there more to self-care than meets the eye? Harris and Dr. Berman look beyond the commodification of self-care and our current understanding of how self-care often means external things (like shopping or going on vacation), and how self-care can actually be much deeper than that.

Harris suggests spending 10 minutes a day with yourself, and how this simple, easily applied practice can totally overhaul you whole day and our whole mood. The truest form of self-care is about being with yourself, honoring yourself with your whole awareness and consciousness. And then without judgment or condemnation or allowing anyone else’s needs or desires overtake you, you sit for that 10 minutes and honor what is happening right now inside of you. It’s a small but powerfully significant way to change your life.

“If you are trying to recover from something or replenish yourself, place a hand on your heart and say to yourself, “I give myself my own love.” It is a powerful statement. I give myself my own love. Some of you will feel it going through the hand back into the heart recycling what it is you send out. A lot of love escapes your body from this point, so send it back in. The heart is a magnet when it is full,” writes Harris.

Later in the episode, Harris and Dr. Berman talk about how our challenges and setbacks actually hide our most important invitations from the universe, and how our darkest times can offer us the chance for finding the true light within.

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