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Losing Sammy

In today’s very raw but very necessary episode, Dr. Berman discusses the recent passing of her 16-year-old son Sammy. She explains what happened that tragic night, why she decided to share it with the media, and how she has been coping during this whirlwind. She also reveals how the outpouring of support from her family and friends and even strangers have caused her to confront one of her core childhood wounds: Her inability to accept help or emotional caretaking from others due to a subconscious fear of being a burden. 

But she says she has discovered: “Letting others help me helps them. When I allow myself to be comforted and supported, I offer my loved ones the opportunity to be comforting and supportive. And that truly is a gift…for both of us.” 

Please join Dr. Berman’s Facebook group Parents for Safer Children or help spread her fundraiser for the Organization for Social Media Safety. This national nonprofit is the first consumer protection organization solely focused on making social media a safer place for everyone, especially for the most vulnerable like our kids.

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