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Losing Sammy Part 3

On today’s extra-special episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman brings us up-to-date on the latest in her son Sammy Chapman’s case. As many of you know, her 16-year-old was fatally poisoned by fentanyl earlier this year. In the months following, Dr. Berman and her husband Sam Chapman (along with their sons Ethan and Jackson) have seen their world turn upside down as they try to grieve while also advocating for real, impactful legislative change that will ensure no other child falls victim to these online drug dealers and no other family has to suffer as theirs has.

In today’s “Losing Sammy, part 3,” Dr. Berman reveals what her life has been like since the loss of her son, how she laid him to rest, how grief has impacted her marriage, and how her and her husband’s differing views on the after-life have sometimes left them struggling to understand each other’s motivations. 

Tune in for this very important episode to learn how even during your most painful and heart-wrenching time, you can still consciously create Quantum Love. 

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