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Living Your Most Authentic Life In and Out of the Bedroom

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Berman helps listeners find out what may be holding them back from living their most authentic life, inside and outside the bedroom. From gender identity to sexual fantasies to finding love, Dr. Berman helps listeners create their most passionate and fulfilling lives with vulnerability, honesty, and daring.

Dr. Berman first talks to a woman who fantasizes about watching her partner have sex with other women (known as a cuckquean fantasy, or cuckold fantasy when the genders are reversed). Why does she have this fantasy and should she act on it in real life, such as by having a threesome? Is it ever a good idea to invite another person into your bedroom, and why does she want to see her husband pleasuring another woman? 

Next, Dr. Berman hears from a transgender caller who wants to transition but is afraid to take that first step. Should she take that leap and start living full-time as a woman, even if it leads to the heartbreaking end of her marriage, or is there therapy that can help reverse gender dysphoria? Should she risk everything to live as a woman, or continue staying in the closet and keeping her true desires a secret?

Last, Dr. Berman hears from a caller who is looking for her soulmate but is beginning to feel frustrated by her experiences dating online. How you can stay patient while waiting for love? How do you strike that balance between letting go of control and unrealistic expectations while also being proactive when it comes to finding love? 

 Dr. Berman gives her best advice for how to navigate dating, especially online dating and dating during a pandemic. It is possible to actively search for love without feeling incomplete or desperate? How can you find wholeness even when you are single and everyone around you seems happily coupled up?  

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