Learning to Love without Conditions: A Conversation with Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

On today’s episode of the “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down with guest Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. The world-renowned Toltec spiritual teacher and New York Times best-selling author of books like “The Five Levels of Attachment” recently hosted a shaman retreat which Dr. Berman attended, and on this new episode, they sit down to reconnect and reflect on love, healing, and living wholeheartedly and consciously even during this difficult time.

Don Miguel Jr. (son of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements) recently wrote a groundbreaking book titled “The Seven Secrets to Healthy Happy Relationships,” and as he explains to Dr. Berman, the foundation of all of these secrets is unconditional love.

“The difference between conditional and unconditional love, to me, is that conditional love only sees what it wants to see, and unconditional love is willing us to see life as it is, it is willing us to see the whole,” says Don Miguel.

Don Miguel and Dr. Berman then delve into communication and the common issues that arise between couples, such as fights about money, parenting, sex, and other stressors. How can one apply the wisdom of unconditional love to rise above these arguments and instead approach their relationship in a more wholehearted and enlightened way? How can unconditional love be applied to these situations in a real, applicable way that couples can use in their daily lives?

Don Miguel shares his wisdom and his tips for couples who are seeking to build a healthier and happier marriage, and how people can ‘defuse their triggers’ and learn to separate these arguments from their love for one another and the security of their relationship as a whole. Listen to his life-changing advice now!

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