How to Get Out of the Friendzone

On this episode of the “Language of Love,” Dr. Berman talks to a woman in a 35-year relationship. Now that their kids are grown and out of the house, she and her husband are struggling to connect and figure out their new relationship as partners outside of their roles as parents. How can empty-nesters lean into their new freedom and figure out their identities as lovers outside of being parents and teammates in raising a family?

Next, Dr. Berman talks to a woman who wants to know how to figure out if a new partner is sexually compatible before you even enter the bedroom. If your kink is BDSM, how do you find a partner who shares the same desires? What is the right way to broach your kink to new partners, and how soon is too soon? Dr. Berman weighs in.

Then, Dr. Berman tackles the subject of “friends with benefits.” How can you get your friend to view you in a more romantic light, and is there really such a thing as the ‘friendzone’?

Dr. Berman also gives advice on how to ‘shoot your shot’ to a divorcee who is dating for the first time since her marriage ended, and is struggling to figure out how to put herself out there and meet guys without seeming desperate or being too forward. Should you wait for a guy to approach you, or do men like it when women are assertive and ask them out? Dr. Berman reveals what she thinks and gives advice to daters who are scared to put themselves out there.

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