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Coming Back to Life with Stephanie Arnold

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” I sit down with Stephanie Arnold. Stephanie has an incredibly powerful story which she shared in her international bestseller, “37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven’s Help—A Mother’s Journey.”

The title of the book comes from Stephanie’s real-life experience in which she died for 37 seconds. That’s right: She died and came back to life, and what she learned in those 37 seconds is so unforgettably powerful. I am so honored to speak with her today and learn what dying taught her, and I think you will find it to be so uplifting and informative.

You will learn about:

• The truth about your ‘sixth sense’ and how it can save your life

• What scientists, medical experts, and philosophers have learned from studying clinical death (a.k.a. ‘near-death experiences’)

• Stephanie’s premonition that she was going to die, and how she learned to advocate for herself after her fears were not taken seriously by her medical team

• What Stephanie saw and heard when she died

• How you can key into your sixth sense and tap into your divine intuition

Stephanie’s story is so important for all of us to hear, especially those of us who have trusting our own truths and advocating for own safety. Learning how to apply this wisdom may end up literally saving your own life, but also help you learn how to deeply connect with the powerful source within you and make your days more meaningful and magical. Listen now and share your thoughts with me–I love to hear from my listeners!

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