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Beyond the Void: Talking Ascension with Christina Lopes

On this episode of “The Language of Love,” I sit down with one of favorite people: Christina Lopes. Christina is a former clinician who is now a spiritual teacher and healer. Christina bridges together science and spirituality to help people heal their lives and unlock their true potential.

On this episode, I talk with Christina about how the universe is evolving right now and how our global consciousness is changing. Due to the pandemic and other social and cultural crises happening across the world, many of us are going through what is being called “Ascension,” and if you don’t know what is happening, it can be very overwhelming and confusing.

That is why I am so excited to sit down with Christina and talk about some of these very important things, like:

• Ascension: What is going on in the universe right now and what are the symptoms of “ascension”? How do you know if you are going through ascension and how can you get the most of this experience?

• Synchronicity: Is it is a coincidence or is your soul trying to receive a message from the universe? From feathers to special numbers to patterns, many of us receive messages in the form of synchronicity (even if we don’t realize it!) Christina helps explain what synchronicity is all about and how we can lean into these experiences, even if we don’t fully believe or understand what is happening.

• Entering (and Exiting) the Void: Why do some of us experience a ‘void’ in which we feel like our lives are stagnant and not moving forward, no matter how hard we are trying to create a shift? This stage can sometimes be known as a “Void,” and it can even happen after a spiritual awakening. What is the point of the “Void” stage and how can we learn from it?

• Following Your Joy: Why you should follow your joy, and how you can lean into your intuition and soul’s wisdom when you are faced with challenging decisions. If you lead with joy and what makes your soul happy, you’re going to find abundance that goes far beyond material things (but it can often be quite fruitful on that level as well!).

Listen now to learn more about these topics and so much more!

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