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Beyond Bullying: Jeffrey Marsh and the Power of Radical Self-Love

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down with Jeffrey Marsh. Marsh is an LGBTQ+ activist and social media personality known for their uplifting videos on TikTok. The genderqueer, genderfluid nonbinary author was dubbed “the internet’s most beloved anti-bully,” and on this episode, Marsh lives up to their reputation as one of the most inspiring and educational voices in the LGBTQ+ community.¬†Marsh is a visionary who coaches people to learn to love and accept themselves, especially the parts of themselves that might feel wrong or flawed, or unlovable.¬†

Dr. Berman sits down with Marsh to discuss everything from gender identity to pronouns to what it really means to live a fully authentic life. Marsh explains how they are able to live so bravely even in a world that can sometimes feel so filled with hate. As Marsh discusses their traumatic experiences with bullying as a child, Dr. Berman digs into the topic of childhood bullying from her perspective as a mom who struggled with watching her own kids being bullied.

Dr. Berman asks Marsh how parents can better support their children when they’re enduring bullying, as her own efforts to intervene were often not successful. When school can feel like a warzone, it can lead kids to make tragic choices that can have devastating consequences. Marsh explains what they think parents should do to protect their kids and also how to teach kids to stand in their own power even as they’re being judged and mocked for their differences.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode that will educate, uplift, and empower you on your journey to wholehearted living.


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