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Am I Normal?

In today’s episode of the “Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman is tackling questions from listeners who are worried “Am I normal?” 

First, we hear from a listener who worries that her rape fantasies make her a ‘bad’ feminist. Dr. Berman explains why rape fantasies are so common and why they happen, and what women are really fantasizing about when they fantasize about rape. 

Next, Dr. Berman helps a divorced man who is newly into wearing women’s panties. He has also been gotten into ‘forced feminization’ fantasies in which he is compelled to dress as a woman. Now he is wondering if this means he is transgender or just into cross-dressing.

Hear Dr. Berman tackle these and other embarrassing sex questions on this episode of “Am I Normal?”

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*Please note: this episode was recorded before the heartbreaking death of Sammy Chapman, Dr. Berman’s son. For resources to help you talk to your kids about the dangers of prescription pills and synthetic drugs, click here

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