After Death: How to Connect With Our Lost Loved Ones with Susan Grau

On this very special episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down with Susan Grau. Have you ever wondered it means to be a medium, or have you ever felt as though you have a ‘sixth sense’ or an ability to see or feel people who are no longer here? Then this episode is for you:

Susan Grau is an Internationally recognized Intuitive Medium, Life Path Intuitive, Life Coach, & Hypnotherapist / Past Life Regressionist. Susan is known for bringing her genuine, benevolent, and down-to-earth style to her clients and sessions. Susan works with the spirit world using her “Clair Senses” as a means to communicate with your loved ones. She has been offering her professional and spiritual services to the public for over three decades.

“You are made of light. You are good, kind, and filled with the spiritual beauty of the afterlife. Never forget where you came from. Never allow anyone to make you feel less than what you are. Always know your value. You are from the light,” says Susan.

On this episode, Dr. Berman talks with Susan about the near-death experience she had when she was 4 years old. Susan says she didn’t see bright lights or the traditional light at the end of the tunnel, but she had an incredible experience in the afterlife that she shares with Dr. Berman in this thrilling episode.

Dr. Berman also shares how she has been able to connect with her son Sammy and her mother after their deaths, and how she uses her deep pain as a gateway to creating these incredible channels of connection.

If you have ever wondered about the afterlife or how to cope with grief or the loss of your loved ones, this is an episode that will bring you enlightenment and comfort.

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