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Afraid to Be Loved

On this special episode of “The Language of Love,” I am doing what I love the most: Talking directly with listeners just like you about their sex, love, and relationship issues and offering real-time advice to help them learn how to love and be loved better. (And, yes, you too could be selected for these special “Language of Love” sessions…just reach out to me on social media or send me an email to

For this episode, I sit down with a woman who is struggling with a fear of abandonment in her romantic relationships. Although she has been divorced for many years, she has struggled to find lasting love in the following years. She recently ended a long-term relationship in which she was left broken-hearted when her partner left her for someone else. This is an ongoing pattern for my caller, and she says that she is constantly in ‘service mode’ with her partners and that she is always trying to get love by giving, giving, giving…but she never is able to receive.

As I explain to this lovely caller, our greatest fears can often become our strongest magnets. Due to the childhood trauma of being abandoned by her biological father, I could instantly see that she was recreating this same trauma again and again by picking partners who would make her feel not good enough and then inevitably leave her, often for another woman.

So how can my caller break this cycle and learn to open her heart to the love she so desperately desires and deserves? Listen to this “Language of Love” session to find out!

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