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A Conversation about Love, Divinity, and Meaning with Neal Allen and Anne Lamott

On today’s episode of “The Language of Love,” Dr. Laura Berman sits down for an intimate conversation with husband Neal Allen. Neal Allen is a coach and writer who studies and practices traditional and contemporary spiritual paths. His book “Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You,” is one of Dr. Berman’s favorite new books and she is eager to share how you can apply the deep wisdom within this book to your life.

Neal Allen will help listeners discover how to find the divinity within, including what divinity means and how even a non-believer can connect with a deeper meaning and purpose. Allen explains how his time at the Hameed Ali’s Diamond Heart group helped to awake him to the false stories about himself and his reality that he had been stuck in, and how he was able to ‘burn down his house’ discover how to see the many colors of divinity within them.

“There are 35 colors that you can find within yourself,” says Allen. “And each of them has to do a way in which you are divine.”

Allen explains what these colors mean and how you can learn to find your colors in yourself and in others.

During the episode, Dr. Berman also gets a chance to speak with Neal Allen’s wife Anne Lamott. Anne Lamott is the New York Times bestselling author of “Bird by Bird,” “Help, Thanks, Wow,” and “Stiches.” She is also a public speaker and writing teacher, and one of Dr. Berman’s favorite writers.

Lamott talks to Dr. Berman about dating when you’re middle-aged, and how one should approach the process of looking for love. How do you know when he’s “the one” or when he just ticks most of your boxes?

“Hold out for the person you would want to be best friends with, even if they aren’t going to your romantic partner,” says Lamott.

You can find Neal Allen’s “Shapes of Truth: Finding the Divinity Within” on Amazon.

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