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How To Reclaim Your Inner Goddess

I deeply believe that every woman has a goddess inside of her. For those of you who don’t have a spiritual practice, the word ‘goddess’ might be off-putting. You might envision women in long, white robes dancing around a fire, but that’s not really what I mean. (Although, that can be fun too!)


Instead, when I use the word ‘goddess,’ I am referring to the potent, creative, feminine and divine essence that lives within every woman. When a woman is connected to this source, she is able to transform her deepest wounds and darkest hours into powerful gifts. She is aware of her own beauty, inside and out, and she walks regally through the world—whether she is rushing out to buy diapers at 11 p.m., leading a morning board meeting, or holding her sick father’s hand by his bedside. She doesn’t make apologies or excuses. She holds herself accountable for her actions, and she sets firm boundaries for how she is to be treated. She is ready to learn and ready to teach. She is present. She is here. She is now.


Sadly, most women are very disconnected from their inner Goddess. They are suffering from a state of “Goddess, Interrupted.” Generally, this interruption occurred at a very early age. Perhaps it was sexual abuse that caused the interruption. Perhaps it was domestic violence within the home. Perhaps it was your parents’ criticism or your mother’s focus on your weight. Whatever the case, the sad reality is that many women spend their lives completely disconnected from the power within them. They walk through the world with their eyes downcast, always feeling inferior, always hating the reflection in the mirror. Never feeling good enough. Sexy enough. Smart enough. Never feeling worthy of love. Never feeling worthy.


Thankfully, healing is possible. Re-connection to the goddess is possible. When you bring intention and effort into awakening the hidden goddess within you, great things can happen. This is especially true when you do so in the company of other women, other women who are on a similar journey and aiming to rebuild their spirits with ferocity and vulnerability.

In February of next year, I will be inviting a group of such women on a journey to discovering their inner goddess. Along with life coach Gabrielle Bernstein and spiritual leader Teal Swan, we will enjoy a weekend of yoga, healing arts, guided meditations and intuition-building exercises.

The goal of this weekend is to release shame and inhibitions and create a sense of union, safety, open-heartedness, and sensuality. It will be a journey of self-inquiry and absolute fearlessness, a weekend that will leave your body, soul, and mind refreshed and awakened in ways you never thought possible.

I certainly hope you can join us. Check out more details here and reserve a spot quickly.

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