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How to Hold Your Own Energy

Learn to shield yourself from low-frequency vibrations

We are all energy. If you have read my book “Quantum Love,” you know that the world around us responds to our energy and that the vibrations we send out into the universe are sent back to us tenfold. Hence, it is our energy that creates and shapes our reality.

However, it can be easy for us to lose conscious control of our energy or to lower our vibrations to match that of the people around us. This is especially true in our most intimate relationships. Couples are like tuning forks and we are instantly reacting and shifting to match our partner’s energy on an ongoing basis. If you are both aware of your energy and are working to consciously elevate your energy, this can be a great thing. You will feed off each other’s high energetic frequencies and keep encouraging each other to keep leveling up on your soul journey.

But sometimes other people’s energy can be much lower than where we would naturally be or where we are consciously working to be.  This can be true in our romantic relationships, but also when it comes to our family, friends, coworkers, and even people we come into contact with at the grocery store or walking down the street. If you are highly empathetic and a people-pleaser (these two personality traits tend to go hand-in-hand!), you are going to be at special risk of having your energetic vibrations lowered by the people around you.

So what can you do to hold your energy and learn to protect yourself from other people’s toxic vibes? Read on for my tips or listen to my latest episode of “The Language of Love” (Episode 93: How to Hold Your Own Energy: A Recovering People-Pleaser Calls In) where I talk to a recovering people-pleaser about how she can learn to hold her energy even when her loved ones have their energetic frequencies set at a lower level.

·       Ground before you enter into difficult situations. Are you about to have a serious talk with your spouse? Are you having a meeting with a difficult client? Do a grounding meditation (like this one) and ensure that you are walking into this tense situation as grounded and secure in your strength as possible.

·       You can also do a shielding meditation in which you visualize yourself building an energetic shield around yourself to keep your energy safe. I like this Fortification Mediation but you can also do this even if you don’t have time to meditate. Just close your eyes, connect to your Source, and ask your guides or higher angels to help cloak you in a brilliant, impenetrable cocoon of light. Really visualize this cocoon and see how the negative energy of others simply bounces off you. Once you get adept at creating and maintaining this shield, you can put it on whenever you need and it will soon become second nature to bring on this protective shield whenever you feel low vibrations coming your way.

·       Get outside. For me, the most grounding force in the world is the world itself. Mother Nature is always vibrating at the highest level possible, and when we get outside and connect to that energy, we are instantly going to get that energetic boost. I am a literal tree-hugger: I have been known to wrap my arms around a tree whenever I need a shot of pure, unconditional love straight to my soul. Maybe you want to take your shoes off and walk on the bare grass, literally letting yourself be grounded to the earth. Maybe you want to lay on your back and gaze at the clouds. Whatever your preferred way to interact with Mother Nature, I find that going outside and interacting in peace and solitude is a surefire to reclaim our natural energetic state and retrieve our power from others.

And, remember, listen to episode 93 of “The Language of Love” to get more ideas for how you can recover from people-pleasing and letting people negatively impact your energy. 

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