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Getting Your Conscious (Not Your Conscience!) Clear

In many of my recent blogs I’ve written about the power of your body’s energy, and the importance of staying in home frequency if you want your life, and especially your relationship, to reflect your deepest desires.  When you are in home frequency and hold an intention, you can be certain that reality will manifest in your life. Click HERE for my “Are You at Home?” blog.

The authors of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, life coaches Diana Chapman, Jim Dethmer and Kaley Klemp, identified three key states of consciousness, originally created by Michael Beckwith (founder of Agape), that I like to use when helping people to get into home frequency. The authors discuss these different emotional states in terms of being above or below the “line.” When you are above the line, you are in a state of openness and curiosity. You are committed to growth and learning. When you are below the line, you are defensive and committed to being right.  (Below the line is on the left side of the Quantum love scale, and above the line is to the right, where we want to be in Quantum Love. Click HERE to see the Lovemap.

Now let me explain how I use these different ideas when it comes to Quantum Love. When you are in a TO ME state of consciousness, you are deep in ego frequency. This is where most people spend their ENTIRE emotional lives. They only think of how things affect them. Even when they are helping other people (such as feeding their children, assisting on a project at work, volunteering at a church bazaar), they are only thinking of these activities from a selfish perspective. Such as, “Are my kids appreciating my hard work? I hope Sarah does well in math tomorrow. I want her to get an A so I can tell the moms in my spin class,” or “I am going to post about the church bazaar on my Facebook. I am not just sleeping in on Saturday like most lazy bones!” As you can see, a person in TO ME consciousness is operating from a place of fear, ego, and shame. They crave approval like a drug, but like a drug addict, they can never get enough. They want more, more, more, and they never realize that this is because the drug is actually not satisfying at all.

When you are in a BY ME state of consciousness, you have moved from ego frequency into home frequency. You are operating from a place of love, trust, and faith. You believe that the universe is a loving, welcoming place and that there are untold good things out there waiting for you.

When you are in a THROUGH ME state of consciousness, then you are really in a pure state of Quantum Love. You are not only experiencing your reality from a state of home frequency, but you are CREATING your reality from a state of home frequency. You recognize your power but you also know there is a greater universal power beyond yourself.  When faced with a challenge or an undesirable situation you ask yourself, “How is this serving me?” “What wants to manifest through me in life and in this relationship?”

Here is the amazing thing about each of these states of consciousness. In each of them, you are incredibly powerful. Your energy is having a direct and powerful impact on the world around you, your loved ones, and your own mood and well-being. But, in a TO ME state, your power is rooted in victimhood. You are greatly limiting yourself as well as condemning yourself to a life of suffering. In a BY ME state, you are able to live life on its own terms. In a THROUGH ME state, you are able to CREATE life on YOUR terms.

So find out whether you are living to me, by me, or through me…and then change course if necessary to get to where you want to go!  For more on living in home frequency, tools to hold yourself there and how to use your body’s energy to create the relationship you desire, check out my book Quantum Love



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