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Are You At Home?

I want you to think of a time in your life when you felt absolute, complete bliss. Not content. Not alright. But in bliss, like all is right in the world. Maybe it was the moment the nurse handed your newborn child to you. Maybe it was when you kissed your partner in front of the altar. Maybe it was a religious experience—a baptism, an awakening, or some other transformation. Or maybe it was a time long, long ago, a time you can barely remember. Playing with your sister and brother in the snow. Sitting on your mother’s lap or the smell of your grandma’s fresh-baked cookies.

Now stay with that feeling for a few minutes. Imagine yourself there in your mind’s eye, in first person. Notice how you feel. Does your heart feel a little bigger, more open? Do you feel connected suddenly—connected in a way you can’t even describe? Connected to the past, to other people, to an unspoken energy? Maybe your breath has slowed down or your muscles have relaxed. Ahh. This is what I call Home Frequency…it’s your natural state, the one you came into the world with.   When you are in this state, the energy of your body is high frequency and is radiating out into the world around you.

Home Frequency is where relationship magic can happen.  When you spend time in Home Frequency, especially around your mate, they naturally entrain to (or match you). Entrainment is a result of quantum entanglement,.  We are all pure atomic energy. And when you and your partner’s atoms entangle, they remain that way.  You are like human tuning forks, unconsciously matching one another’s energetic frequencies. When you are living from Home Frequency,, your partner will match you there whether they realize it or not! More of what you want in love will effortlessly show up in your partner’s words and actions and in the experiences you have together. It’s amazing how well it works.

The only problem is that Home Frequency isn’t easy to maintain, at least not in today’s over scheduled, over stressed society.  The “real world” inevitably creeps in again. You get a phone call from a dissatisfied client. Your daughter needs a ride to soccer practice. Your wife is angry you forgot to pay the phone bill. You have a project to finish by Friday and you are nowhere near done.

This energetic frequency? I call it Ego Frequency. How do you know you are in ego frequency? Usually it’s difficult. You feel guilt, shame, fear, anger or scarcity. Most of us spend a lot of time here.  The problem is that your entangled mate is matching you there. When you are living in Ego Frequency, more of what you don’t want will show up in your love life.  This is true whether you are caught up in negative thoughts and beliefs about your love life, or just life in general.

It’s not that Ego Frequency is “bad.”  It serves us, keeps us vigilant and safe when we need to be.  But home frequency—that’s where the Quantum Love juice is. When we are in home frequency, not only do we feel worthy of love, but we realize something amazing: We are love. We are beings created for the purpose of love, connection, peace and empathy. There is no competition in home frequency. There is no shame or fear. There is just love.

The truth is if you can remain in Home Frequency just 51% of the time your love life will make a huge shift for the better.  But this requires learning how to move yourself back into Home Frequency when you are a little stuck in Ego Frequency.  While I have laid out many techniques for doing this in my book, Quantum Love, here is a great strategy to get you started:

  • Acceptance: That which you resist always persists.  Accept that are you in ego frequency.  Admit that you are in a place of ego. But realize that this could change. “I am in ego frequency right now but I believe I can change that.”
  • Get into the Mind Set: Think of how you feel in Home Frequency. Flash back to those memories I discussed at the start of the blog. It might help to have one specific memory. Really flesh that memory out. Think of how it feels not just emotionally, but physically. How does it make your hands feel? Your stomach? Your heart? Your back muscles? Check out this video on how to move into Home Frequency by opening your heart.
  • Live the Memory: Awaken that feeling inside of you. Release yourself into the moment. See yourself there in first person.  Feel it.
  • Come Back to the Present: Keep that feeling with you. Yes, it will be fleeting at first. It will take lots of practice for you to keep that feeling for a long period of time. But with practice, you can reach a point where you are in home frequency almost all of the time. And when you do slip out of it, you will be able to switch from ego frequency to home frequency right away.
  • Keep Practicing: Practice this skill even when it is difficult. Try to get into home frequency when arguing with your spouse or when racked with anxiety before a big presentation. The more you can do it during times of stress, the more innate this skill will become and the more gifted at it you will be.
  • Start Imagining: When you master moving yourself into Home Frequency with first person memories of times you felt peace, joy love, and bliss, you can start imagining future scenarios in your mind to start manifesting major magic in your love life. Spend some time thinking of a scenario you would love to happen with your beloved, how you want them to show up for you, or a future love you want to attract in to your life.  Use the same techniques listed above.  Now get ready to start seeing evidence for that desire showing up in your life sooner than you’d imagine.

This is Quantum Love.  Getting into Home Frequency doesn’t just feel good. When you are in Home Frequency, you are vibrating in a positive, powerful way. All that you want in love is available to you.  In Home Frequency you start attracting what you most desire into your experience. Your reality will become more filled with love and joy. You will vibrate with people and experiences that speak to your inner soul. And best of all? No matter where you are or what you are going through, you will be at home.

To Learn more about Home and Ego Frequency, check out my book, Quantum Love:  Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire. 

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