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All About the Clitoris

Many women feel discomfort or embarrassment when it comes to their anatomy and sexual response, and yet in order for you to reach orgasm, you need to be relaxed and free of stress, if only temporarily, even while masturbating. This is why it is so important to feel comfortable with your sexual anatomy, especially your clitoris, as this little hotspot can hold the key to your sexual pleasure. 

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with this little pleasure button, consider the following tips:

  • Find a time and a place when you can be alone and are truly able to enjoy and explore yourself, such as in the bathtub or in your bedroom when everyone’s at work or school, or after the kids are asleep. Set the scene to help yourself get in the mood. It might feel silly to ‘romance’ yourself, but you will be more likely to reach orgasm if you light some candles and play some mood music. It will also help to add to the general mood of seduction and love.
  • Start with the mental foreplay.  It’s always great to have some ‘go-to’ fantasies at your disposal. This way, you can cull through your mental Rolodex whenever you have the time or inclination to self-stimulate. These fantasies can be as wild as you prefer, whether it’s about your sexy next-door neighbor, a well-built celebrity, or even a long-ago ex-boyfriend. Nothing is off limits in the fantasy realm.
  • With these sexy images, thoughts and fantasies at the front of your mind, it’s time to move onto the physical foreplay.  Start slowly by exploring your whole body, stroking, squeezing or massaging your breasts and/or nipples, stroking the erogenous zones you can reach, running your fingers along your inner thighs and labia, and finally stimulating your clitoris. Use your index finger to lightly begin applying pressure to your clitoris, slowly and rhythmically rubbing yourself. As you begin to get more aroused, you can intensify your pressure and speed up.

Masturbation is good for your sex life because it helps you to get in touch with your own sexual response and it also keeps you ‘in the zone.’ Sexual fantasies and masturbation can help you to keep you in an amorous frame of mind and it can also help to keep you in touch with your inner vixen.

Most importantly, masturbation will keep you in touch with your clitoris and the rest of your sexual anatomy, which means that you will be able to show your partner all the types of strokes and touches you enjoy. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to sexual enjoyment! The more you generate and enjoy sexual energy, the more is produced.

And, the more connected you are to the sensuality of your body, the more sexual and attractive you will feel….especially if you can both be open and secure with masturbation for yourself and for each other.


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