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10 Tips for the Best Orgasms

Reaching orgasm is an incredibly pleasurable and exciting experience, especially when you do so in an intimate moment with your partner. However, sometimes orgasms can be few and far in between, or perhaps they aren’t as strong and intense as you would like them to be. Rest assured, we all need a little fine-tuning every now and again when it comes to orgasm health. Consider the following tips to help you reach your best orgasms ever:

  • Never fake it. Sometimes women (and even men!) fake orgasm because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings. Though this deception comes from a place of love, it is still deception and it can still be destructive. Your partner won’t learn how to truly pleasure you and you will become resentful if you continually miss out on your sexual bliss.
  • Ask for what you want. Instead of faking orgasm, why not be upfront and let your partner know what types of positions and touches you enjoy? Hate missionary? Go ahead and tell him! Or, hop on top and show him what you like.
  • Stay fit. Along with keeping your communication tight, you also need to make sure that your physical health is up to par. Get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet, and steer clear of too much wine on date night (a glass or two is fine, but anymore and you might kill the sensations and pleasures of sex).
  • Dress for success. If you want a great orgasm, dress the part! Leave the granny panties and the old sweats in the closet where they belong, and instead dress with seduction in mind. Not only will it get your partner thinking along amorous lines, it will also help you tap into your inner vixen all day long.
  • Focus on your hotspots. Only 30% of women have an orgasm from intercourse alone, so rest assured that there is nothing abnormal about your inability to reach orgasm instantly during sex. Most women need a little extra stimulation, whether it’s manual stimulation of the clitoris during sex or oral stimulation before or after the act itself.
  • Make more time for foreplay. It’s true that there will be some days when you simply won’t have time for sex. However, most of the time, you can always finagle a few moments to bond and be intimate. You just have to be creative. Hop in the shower for a little loving at the end of a long day, or set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier and free up time for early morning intimacy.
  • Just do it! Even if you aren’t in the mood at first, sexual pleasure can sometimes pop up after a few moments of touching and foreplay. Don’t say ‘no’ off the bat, give your body time to wake up and respond.
  • Utilize sex toys. Sex aids can bring a whole new level of enjoyment and intimacy into your bedroom, especially if you have hit a rough patch or you want to spice things up. You can use a simple clitoral vibrator during intercourse to help increase your arousal, or you can get even more intense by using a G-spot vibrator or a dildo.
  • Kiss more! Sounds simple, yet many couples stop kissing once in a long-term relationship. Get those kisses back by making it a point to kiss everyday for at least 10 seconds. It will bring intimacy and eroticism back to your bedroom and to your relationship.
  • Masturbate. Self-stimulation is a great way to get in touch with your sexual response and inner desires. Make it a habit to fantasize and self-stimulate on a regular basis to keep your circulation flowing and your libido pumping!

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