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What You Need to Know Before You Get a Brazilian Wax

Brazilians have grown exponentially in popularity in the last few years. Part of this has to do with the increased availability and visibility of pornography. The women in these videos and on these websites are often completely bare, and lack of pubic hair has now become associated with sexual attraction and erotic desires.

While some people decry this fad (as they say it infantilizes women and dangerously mimics the appearance of children’s genitals), others say that is simply a smooth, silky, and sensual way to increase one’s pleasure and sensations during sex.

Indeed, without hair in between you and your partner, the sensations of sex might be amplified as all those nerve endings receive increased stimulation and attention.

 However, this doesn’t mean that going bare is right for everyone. Personally, I think that your pubic hairstyle is one that you and only you can determine. If you feel comfortable with a little light grooming (or none at all!), good for you. That confidence will shine inside and outside the bedroom, and you certainly should feel as though you need to change just because of a growing trend that you don’t feel comfortable with. On the other hand, if going bare is something you have always wanted to try, then read on for some tips for the best Brazilian wax ever:

Research your salon prior to your visit. If you are looking for a great salon to get your first wax, it’s a good idea to ask your friends for recommendations or to read online reviews in order to learn more about the salon. Additionally, I think it’s a good idea to choose a salon that specializes in Brazilians and down-there grooming, rather than a nail salon or a hair salon that has just started to offer this procedure.

Of course, these places might offer a great wax, but salons that specialize in this area of expertise tend to offer a more superior experience. Not to mention, it’s always better to go to a spa or a salon that has a dedicated waxing area that is private, comfortable and hygienic, rather than a salon where the waxing just happens behind a curtain or in the back room. 

Prepare for your visit ahead of time. You might consider taking ibuprofen a couple of hours before your visit to help decrease pain and swelling. Avoid the temptation to have a glass of wine (or two!) before coming in for your wax.

Although it might give you some liquid courage, it will thin your blood and make bruising more likely. You also need to make sure that your hair is long enough for a wax, especially if you shave often. A good rule of thumb is that your hair should be about the length of a grain of rice. It is okay if it is longer, but if it is any shorter, the wax won’t be as effective and you will be in more pain and less than pleasant results. 

Know your options. You don’t have to go completely bare during a Brazilian. Some women opt for a bikini wax (which is just the hair on your inner thighs outside your labia) while others opt for a ‘landing strip’ (which is where the hair is all removed except for the inch or so of hair next to the inner labia.)

Of course, you can go for whatever design you want…a triangle, a heart, or ever your partner’s initials. Some places even offer “va-jazzling” where you can have tiny crystals glued down there so that you can add sparkle and novelty to your next sexual encounter.

 Lastly, just make sure that your salon is certified with the state and hygienic…double-dipping and re-using the same waxing sticks for multiple customers is a big no-no as this can spread infection. But if you do your homework ahead of time, there is no reason you (and your partner) can’t enjoy a barely-there look!


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